OPP Tape and OPP paper lamination
Our product DP A-3712 has high peel strength for OPP tape application with strong holding power.

As for paper label adhesive, our DP A-9338 are easy to formulate with its high solid and low viscosity performance.

For plastic to paper lamination, our DPFA 2388 are widely used.
Product Name
Polymer Base
Main Application
Key Features
DP A-3712
Styrene Acrylic
OPP Tape Adhesive
Excellent peel strength and excellent tack.
DP FA-2388
Styrene Acrylic
Dry Lamination Adhesive for OPP/Paper
Good permanent adhesion, high bond strength.
DP A-9338
Pure Acrylic
Self adhesives articles
Outstanding adhesion and excellent tack.